How much

Just exactly how much do you need to get by and be comfortable? I used to watch Dad try and figure this out, maybe he was lazy or maybe he was actually a genius. I’m not sure, but I prefer to think it was some place in the middle.
I’ve got my subscription to Mother Earth News and I’ve read some things that seem to indicate its possible. Energy independence, food independence, income independence first?
I posted a list from before that made a list of how to live off $1000 a month, I think that leaves out a few things but its a good start. Taxes with a house on a piece of land are going to be around three thousand a year today and probably three times that in twenty years.
I think I want a piece of land to at least call home base and use to generate some income but I don’t want it to be a boat anchor on me so I can’t go any place or do anything away from the land.
Some small stock, maybe goats, pigs, and chickens would be okay. I’d need someone else to do the butchering since I have no stomach for that, another expense.
Could I generate at least limited electricity from solar panels and a small wind turbine or would it be cheaper to just buy from the electric company? I want to keep things I enjoy like the motorcycle and a laptop a small car or truck to get around in and maybe find a way to run that off something I could grow.
Oh for that perfect world that I dream of.

Secret Caverns

Mo, Curly, and I went over to see the cavern today.

 We had a good time walking down the steps and the ramp and a better time coming back up. Its not a bad deal, the sign on the door said $16 for adults, we used our advanced bargaining skills and paid $5 for all three of us.
My pictures are fuzzy and it looks like my shake ruined most of them but a few came out acceptable.

What if?

1. What if in 2012 I bought small truck and put a diesel engine in it and ran it on biodiesel and used veggie oil and maintained it myself for the 40 years (cost @.20 a mile X12, 000yr transportation total $2,400.00 year. But only have to drive 500 mile a month=$100.00)
2. What if in 2012 I bought an acre for $2,000.00 and put $7,500.00 in to materials to build a small passive solar eco friendly home and maintained it myself. (total cost to sewer, water, electric, cable, garbage, phone, taxes, Insurance and internet $200.00}
3. What if I took the $78.00 I was going to save and put it into a green house and garden and recycled everything and bartered extra veggies for meat and staples? (food 78.00 month)
4. What if I worked only enough to maintain that lifestyle (transportation $100.00. Housing $200.00, Food $78.00 month = $378.00 divided by min. wage $7.00 =54 hours a month or about 14 hrs a week and with a life partner additional $78.00 a month= $450.00 or 8 hours each week.)
5. What if I spent all this time living the American Dream, and realized it?
In life, no matter how rich you are, the only thing you cannot buy is more time!!!!