My order for bushel gourds and loofah sponge gourd seeds arrived in the mail today. If even half of what I bought for seeds this year comes up I’ll be amazed.


And a couple pictures of loofah gourds.140 to 200 days of grow time so I may never see anything from these but they look interesting.

cut loofahsloofahs on a bench 

Sick Day

I’m off today with a sprained ankle, keeping it elevated and weight off it. So I figured I could get a few things done around the house.
I called Verizon and made some changes hopefully this will save me about $15.00 a month. The person on the phone was helpful.
Next Direct TV, I called and they were a lot less helpful then Verizon. They did offer me a $5 a month discount for three months because I called (don’t they understand that just made me mad?). Then I canceled their $5.99 a month service plan. I think that was a good thing for mom (Direct TV came out and reattached the dish after snow took it down last year) but it seemed like a waste for me. I don’t think it was worth roughly $72 to put the dish up where it should have been in the first place.
Then on to the hard stuff. We have a Roomba and Mom had a Roomba as well. Both were dead with the left wheel not turning on both of them. I told my Uncle I was thinking of buying a new motor assembly to get at least one of them running. He advised me to look around a little and test to see if it is the motor or something else.
I found a small switch that is used to stop the motors if one wheel goes up in the air, the switch no longer switched. This house is all on one level, so maybe the worst that happens is it gets stuck on a rug or wall and burns out the motor. I tested it on the floor and it now goes ahead and reverse. We’ll see if this works for very long.
The Roomba didn’t even make one lap of the house.
I went to work on the weather station with better success.