Cisco 831 Password reset

I am using a Belkin (F5U409) USB to serial adapter and the ctrl-break sequence doesn’t seem to make it to a Cisco 831 after I messed up AAA.
The following worked to get me into ROMMON and correct my errors.
If you still are facing issues then open the router’s box and take out the Flash SIMM… it will try to look for an IOS file thrice and then will fall into rommon automatically
You can use the following link for hardware installation:
After you are in rommon, issue the command “confreg 0x2100” and “reset” the router, you will again go into rommon.
Then power down and insert the Flash once again in the chassis and then bootup again, because of config-register 0x2100, the router will go to rommon and then you should check the new IOS that you are trying to install.

I booted the 831 back up and from “rommon> confreg 0x2142”.
Then “rommon2> reset”.
Power down, reinsert flash and power back up.
It loaded everything and booted to “router> en”.
Then “router# copy start run”.
Next “router# config t”.
“Router(config)#no aaa new-model”
“Router(config)#enable secret password”
Router(config)#config-register 0x2102
Router#wr mem
Router# reload

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