Progressive snapshot

K puts my driving to shame.

My car.

I got an email from Progressive today. 2% thats putrid.
Congratulations — you earned a Snapshot DiscountSM for one or more of the following vehicles:

Vehicle: 2004 CHEVR AVEO LS 4D
Device ID: P049115K
Discount: 30%

Vehicle: 2009 SUZUK SX4 TOURING4H
Device ID: P202030K
Discount: 2%

To view your discount(s) and driving reports, log in to your policy. And, remember, you’ll continue to save with your Snapshot Discount(s) on both your renewal and future policy periods (subject to Snapshot Terms and Conditions).

Now that we’ve gathered enough driving information, we’ll be sending you a postage-paid return package. Upon arrival, just unplug each device shown above, place it in the return package, and drop it in the mail. It’s free and it’s easy. And, you’ll avoid a $50 charge for each unreturned device.

Thanks again for choosing Snapshot and taking the time to send each device back to us.

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