Windows 7 Starter Network Image backup

I’ve got a new HP mini 210-2145dx here that I’m trying to get a backup of for Windows restore should I need it down the road. This version of Windows 7 will not allow backup to a NAS and I don’t have a USB stick large enough or a USB hard drive that I can use.
Macrium Reflect Free to the rescue. I had several problems getting this to work as Reflect did not recognize the NAS immediately, this was mostly caused by me not booting up the NAS ahead of time. After closing and restarting Reflect a couple of times it saw the NAS. It still didn’t recognize the mapped drive that I had created but the NAS is good enough to get this done.
I created a rescue disk in Linux flavor and pushed that to the mapped drive no problems. The other option was BartPE, that should work just as well but Linux was the first option in the list so I went with that.
Now I’m making the image of the disk which it shows running at around 52 Mb/s not to shabby for a wireless connection. The timer shows a one hour time to completion. One hour forty six minutes later and the process has completed.

Once its done should I dare try running the recovery?

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