Ford Freestar Cruise Control

Check the fuse and its good then check the switch on the bottom of the master cylinder with a jumper across the two wires. This is number one and number sixteen, I just put the jumper across number one. Looks like I have to replace the switch after putting a paper clip in for a jumper and driving up the road it worked like it should. Reconnect the switch and the cruise control turns on but when you try to set it the light blinks on and right back off. This started with cruise control working sometimes and not others. 
From what I read I may get a few drops of brake fluid when I pull the switch out, but as long as I replace it right away not much should leak out. 
I found it through Amazon for $16.80
“Motorcraft SW6580 Cruise Control Switch”

2 thoughts on “Ford Freestar Cruise Control”

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!Fantastic directions – easy fix and my Freestar now has cruise again. Even saved me $20 by ordering the part from Amazon as you suggested. Took me all of 15 minutes.Tom


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