2012 Garden

5688 Vegetable Sampler, (Reg. 1 for $11.99) 1 $5.99 Beans and peas did well.
6835 Luffa Sponge, Packet 1 $1.00 Yield 0
6298 Peach, Vine, Packet 1 $0.90 Hundreds of little melons, not much flavor.
6603 Pumpkin, Dill’s Atlantic Giant, Packet 1 $2.50 Yield 0
3375 Gourd, Bushel, Packet 1 $1.39 Yield 0

Spaghetti squash 20 medium sized squash.
Zucchini only planted four yielded two or three every couple of days for about two months.
Corn planted four kinds and none of them did well.
Cherry tomatoes two plants although they did look sickly yielded a good crop. $3.50
Yellow tomatoes produced like mad, ended up growing to about four feet tall. Ate a bunch and gave away a bunch. $3.50 each
Roma tomatoes six plants bought these from Beth Ann on closeout after mid July, made pickled tomatoes.
Black Krim two plants tasted great and came in after the yellows, also bought from Beth Ann.
Assorted red tomatoes four plants $3.50 each I got a couple of tomatoes not worth the effort.
Broccoli did very well and I froze some, used the last of them in December.
Brussels Sprouts season wasn’t long enough and I got nothing.
Planted thirty Asparagus they all survived the summer hope to get something to eat from them in 2013.

Cucumbers planted one package in the lower garden all were eaten before producing anything.
Cucumbers after the first batch were eaten tried to plant more in mid July. To late in the season and frost got them before I got any cucumbers, but the plats did very well and were not eaten.
1. Russian blue pathetic puny and not worth the effort.
2. Red did well and I got about five pounds to eat.
3. Yukon gold got a pound or so but only planted less than half.
4. White never planted these wasted my money.

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