Weather Station Updates

I upgraded my NSLU2 from Lenny to Squeeze the other day and WVIEW stopped updating the html pages after the reboot.

Feb  8 20:57:55 link htmlgend[2456]: : generating to /usr/local/var/wview/img
Feb  8 20:57:55 link htmlgend[2456]: : templates at /usr/local/etc/wview/html
Feb  8 20:57:56 link htmlgend[2456]: : received station info from wviewd: 20130208 20:45:00

Everything seemed to work but the files were not written to the directory /usr/local/etc/wview/html.

I fiddled with it a little bit but then just re installed WVIEW using APT. I used the information here to add repositories and then just a simple apt-get install wview.

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