Mortise and Tenon joints

Years ago when I was just a small boy, living in that trailer on Mineral Springs Road across the driveway from my grandparents, my Grandfather Smith got a set of chisels and started making things. The only thing I know of that survived is a small coffee table with mortise and tenon joints and a rough chair that was made with a chainsaw. My brother has that table now, hopefully he is getting good use of it.
No metal nails or screws were used in this everything was glued together and held by the strength of the joints, similar to an old Dutch barn.

Was my grandfather experiencing something like what I am now way back then? I am probably about the age he was then and I feel like I should be doing things that I can see the results of the work.

Dick Proenneke videos of interest. I doubt I am going to turn 51 and move to Alaska to build my own cabin by hand, while living off the land but I think maybe I sort of understand.

That old chair is pictured below.

From December 25, 2013 Chair


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