Bob and Rose Estes

My Aunt and Uncle.

Thursday night early Friday morning my Aunt Rose died. Leaving her son my cousin Tom behind. Allen Tom’s brother died a few years ago and Uncle Bob a few years before my Dad.


There is a house in Randall, NY that was bought by my Aunt and Uncle for $400 dollars (I talked with Tom today and he said this was actually $300). The house was full of Sears catalogs and old papers. A dumbwaiter that went from the basement to the second floor. An outhouse in the backyard. My Grandfather and my Uncle worked to make this a house to live in and Aunt Rose and Uncle Bob raised Allen and Tom there and made it into a home.

I saw my first remote controlled TV. Only two stations on an antennae but a remote control the size of a brick. I heard stories of bed springs in the concrete for the driveway, a cat called Fluffy and the NY Yankees. Celery that grew and then turned around and went back into the ground. A quilt made by the Amish for my Aunt. A GE Electrak mower that went to the end of the yard and then had to be towed back in when the batteries died. A basement that flooded when it rained hard. Clothing being washed and ironed, even the diapers. Vanity plates for the car ESTES1.


After my Dad died Aunt Rose came over and painted the shed with my Mom. She mowed the lawn and helped anyway she could.

When I stopped by Aunt Rose  would always ask if I was hungry and she would get something to eat out in the kitchen. A glass of water or anything I wanted. I felt comfortable there. I will miss my Aunt Rose.

Cousin Barbara and Aunt Rose summer 2015.


The Estes’s. Uncle Bob is second from the right back row and Aunt Rose is front row right.


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