My order for bushel gourds and loofah sponge gourd seeds arrived in the mail today. If even half of what I bought for seeds this year comes up I’ll be amazed.


And a couple pictures of loofah gourds.140 to 200 days of grow time so I may never see anything from these but they look interesting.

cut loofahsloofahs on a bench 

A small circular Hugelkulture bed design. I found this on the forums at Permies.com from a guy by the name of Chris Dean. I like the look of it and he used a rough cob to hold it all together. The center is an area to dump compost and water. I think I could incorporate this into my stone wall fence project with one or two on the low part of the yard.
I think the hardest part will be filling this with dirt, since all I have are my hands and a few small tools.

Below is a breakdown of how it is built, materials vary but it gives a good general idea.

Almost March

Seeds started arriving last week and I’m ready to get planting.
I started getting a raised bed ready in the yard using brush and dirt I took from the fence row. A few old logs for the sides of the bed and soon I’ll start dumping compost in there with more dirt and some peat moss or maybe wood chips and try to get it less like concrete and more like something can grow.
I’d love to try a worm bin for composting. Maybe I’ll try it on a small scale here this year with worms I capture from the yard.

No Till Potatoes

Will this really work? No till article.Get some straw throw it in the yard and then stick seed potatoes in it. Keep it damp, rain should be enough and then harvest potatoes in a few weeks. This seems to easy but I’m going to try a few bales of straw and newspapers this year. Some pictures of this method can be found here.

I’ve started my own potato patch for next spring. Four bales of hay at $5 each and four kinds of potatoes from RH Shumway. Yukon Golds, White Superior, Red Pontiac and Blue Russian $26.90. Potatoes at the local Price Rite are $2 for five pounds. So to break even I’ll need to gather 117.25 pounds of edible potatoes and then eat them. This could be very tough for three people to do, I don’t know how much we consumed last year but I don’t think we had twenty three five pound bags go through this house, that would be just under a bag every two weeks.
From some of what I have been reading you  can expect five to six potatoes per plant. This might be two to three pounds per plant, I think I will have around twenty to thirty plants and I think I’m in trouble already.
23.45×5= 117.25 pounds of potatoes.
At $2.50 a pound (this weeks Price Chopper price 1/8/2012) I only need to eat 93.5 pounds of potatoes.

If I could find some place that sold potatoes at $4.00 per five pound bag, I can beat that price easily and I think we do eat ten pounds in a year. At $5.00 per five pounds I’ll be making money hand over fist.

June 17th

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July 7th

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From July 7th Garden