Garden Review

So I planted a small garden this year. I’ve started to lose track of everything I’ve planted this year so here’s a list.
Pole Beans Did well.
Bush Beans Did well.
Broccoli Did well.
Brussels Sprouts A bust
Zucchini Bush Green Planted four and did well.
Zucchini Black Saved for next year.
Squash Yellow Saved for next year.
Sweet Corn A bust.
Pop Corn A bust.
Tomatoes 2 Yellow, 2 Cherry, 2 Roma, 3 unknown Did well.
Asparagus 30 crowns two given away and eighteen came up. Note to self no purple passion next time. Wait change in plans the purple passion came up this week, it just took a lot longer than the others. These are all going great.
Carrots Did well.
Spinach black and New Zealand Did well.
Lettuce Did well.
Peas Did well.
Vine Peach Melons, a cantaloupe that I am going to try and trellis. Did okay don’t bother with them again.
Cucumbers Straight Eight, and Pickling Eaten by a citter.
Watermelon A bust.
Potatoes Red, White, Blue, and Yukon Gold
Russian blue, a bust.
Red did well.
White and Yukon gold never got planted.
Raspberries kind of pathetic but still there.
Black Berries One plant of two survived.
Dill did well.
Oregano did well.
Cilantro A bust.
Parsley A bust.
Basil did well.

And a few flowering plants
Adirondack Roses Doing well.
Lilacs Doing well.
Zinnia Did well.
Marigolds Did well.
Sun Flowers Did very well.