Weather Station Updates

I upgraded my NSLU2 from Lenny to Squeeze the other day and WVIEW stopped updating the html pages after the reboot.

Feb  8 20:57:55 link htmlgend[2456]: : generating to /usr/local/var/wview/img
Feb  8 20:57:55 link htmlgend[2456]: : templates at /usr/local/etc/wview/html
Feb  8 20:57:56 link htmlgend[2456]: : received station info from wviewd: 20130208 20:45:00

Everything seemed to work but the files were not written to the directory /usr/local/etc/wview/html.

I fiddled with it a little bit but then just re installed WVIEW using APT. I used the information here to add repositories and then just a simple apt-get install wview.

My Great Grandfather Smith

He sat down when he was in his sixties, he lived on till he was in his ninety’s. I can remember a phone call that he had run over his neighbors trash cans, he lost his license after that. Somehow not having that and his failing eye sight made him sit down for the rest of his life.
I don’t think I ever saw him after he sat down, but I do recall hearing him holler “Do I like this?” from the other room.
My Great Grandmother waited on him hand and foot. He died by pieces, slowly one leg went and then the other was amputated from lack of circulation, while he lay in a hospital bed at the house.
Me I think I’d like to go all at once one big bang and done, no long lingering goodbye’s. I kid with my sister and brothers now asking them “Do I like this?” My sister mumbles back under her breath “He does now.”

Conversations with Dad

We had a few memorable conversations.

“Make sure you cut your toenails straight and push the cuticles down other wise you will have trouble with your feet.”

“She’s not my mother why should I get her anything on mothers day.”

“That kid might get hurt.”
“There’s more where that came from.”

“I think we’re lost.”
With a touch of fear in his voice. “Are we in Vietnam?”

The sound of tires on pavement loud inside the car.
“You kids put that board back down before your brother falls out.”

“Lets go on vacation to Florida.”
“We can go to Kentucky, everyone in the LTD wagon.” This was mom , dad and four kids. Sandy was away at college or something.
We visited Gettysburg PA, for a week and toured the Musselman’s plant. On the way back home we stopped at a Water Slide Park and Margaret was to scared to go down the slide after Dad already paid for her admission.

“You’re twenty six and getting married this will be an important day in your life. Remember to treat her with respect.” I don’t think he was referring to the lawn mower.

The door on the car falls open as we go around a corner and Grandma Estes nearly falls out of the car.
“You should check to make sure that’s latched correctly.”
That door never closed right, even if you slammed it, mom always knew she had to hold it shut.

“We can make it to Charlotte and Phil’s for Thanksgiving.”
We got there and everyone else decided to stay home because there was over a foot of snow on the roads and it was unsafe.