I went all in on the tractor parts

I guess it will be a 73 year old like new tractor when I get done. Mike has the crank out for machining and everything stripped down and cleaned for the engine. I spent part of the afternoon cleaning up parts and getting ready to put things back together in a few weeks.
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1 coolingsystempackage8N.jpg Cooling System Package for 9N, 2N, 8N. 
1 8nclutchkit.jpg Clutch kit. Part number 8N7563
1 rodbearingsett.CRK9N6211-040.jpg Engine rod bearings. Part number CRK9N6211-030
1 mainbearings928tisco.jpg Engine main bearings. .020. Part number MBK9N633G-020
1 starterringgear9n4000s.61103.jpg Ring gear. Part number 9N6384
1 EOK106-LCB.jpg Engine overhaul kit without bearings. Part number EOK102-LCB. Bearings available but not included in kit.
1 oilpumpkit9-16.jpg Oil pump repair kit.  Part number APN6600A
1 fuelsystempackage9N2N8N.png Fuel System Package for 9N, 2N, 8N. 

Ford 8N Engine

With a lot of help from friends I dug into the old tractor this weekend. Compression tested at 50 PSI on the best of the four cylinders and around 25 PSI on the worst. A good six hours of work and we had the engine off the tractor and torn down, that’s a pretty solid six hours with three and some times four people working on this. My Uncle Harold says he doesn’t recall much better than 25 PSI on any cylinder, maybe that’s why it started sort of hard.

Thanks to Harold, Mike and Carl for helping with this project.

First Snow Fall 2012

We got about four to five inches of snow yesterday and I got a chance to take the 8n out for the first time and use it. Everything went good last night even the headlights worked and the generator kept a good charge in the battery.

In my mind my tractor looks as good as this one. The look is somewhat closer to what is below.

This morning I went out to do a little clean up and the tractor fired right up. I made one pass up the drive where the cars were parked last night and it stalled. Figured I needed gas as I had added any after using it for about thirty minutes last night. After putting gas in it started right up rang about two hundred feet and quit again. I was hungry and it started raining so I went back in and got breakfast.
When I came back out the rain had turned to snow and the tractor started up and died almost immediately. I checked the sediment bowl and it was full of crud. Found a pair of pliers removed the bowl and dumped out the gas. Put it all back together again and finished cleaning up where the cars were parked.
Back in the garage I turned off the ignition, turned off the gas, and disconnected the battery. All set for the next storm. I think I’ll have to clean out that sediment bowl a few more times.