The week in review

This week on my way into work I was stopped behind a school bus waiting for the kids to get on. At one house there must have been four or five kids but this one boy just sat on the steps. He was maybe eight years old or so. His sister came back off the bus and tried to get him to go on the bus, but he wouldn’t budge.
After a few minutes the mother came out and she talked to the boy as well, but still he was not going on the bus. No how no way.
Finally the mother takes him under the arms and picks him up. He is kicking and hollering the entire time. As she gets him to the bus door and trues to push him in he makes his escape.
Running down the yard behind the house and out of sight, we didn’t see him again. The mother finally gave up and waved the bus off.
We didn’t see him out front waiting for the bus for the rest of the week.

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