What if?

1. What if in 2012 I bought small truck and put a diesel engine in it and ran it on biodiesel and used veggie oil and maintained it myself for the 40 years (cost @.20 a mile X12, 000yr transportation total $2,400.00 year. But only have to drive 500 mile a month=$100.00)
2. What if in 2012 I bought an acre for $2,000.00 and put $7,500.00 in to materials to build a small passive solar eco friendly home and maintained it myself. (total cost to sewer, water, electric, cable, garbage, phone, taxes, Insurance and internet $200.00}
3. What if I took the $78.00 I was going to save and put it into a green house and garden and recycled everything and bartered extra veggies for meat and staples? (food 78.00 month)
4. What if I worked only enough to maintain that lifestyle (transportation $100.00. Housing $200.00, Food $78.00 month = $378.00 divided by min. wage $7.00 =54 hours a month or about 14 hrs a week and with a life partner additional $78.00 a month= $450.00 or 8 hours each week.)
5. What if I spent all this time living the American Dream, and realized it?
In life, no matter how rich you are, the only thing you cannot buy is more time!!!!                            

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