Lipstick on the Pig

Years ago when I was small my family spent about seven years living in a house trailer. This was a single wide probably about seven hundred square feet. My father had this placed on top of a concrete block foundation with a mechanical room, bedroom, living room and laundry in the basement, this nearly doubled the living space. This was my parents and five of us kids. We lived next to my grandparents with a shared driveway and yard.
Three bedrooms, one bathroom, a small kitchen and dining room were on the first floor. Dad had also built a small addition on the back of the trailer that was maybe 144 square feet. Altogether that probably gave us 1300 square feet or so of actual living space.
The pig was of course that trailer, and the lipstick to my mind was the basement and the addition on the back.

Pretty sure Dad saw this cabin in his minds eye. But he ended up with something else.

This is the house that I grew up in as it looks today. That door on the left with no stairs was where my Dad jumped from it down into the open hole where the new septic system was located and then bounced off the top of said tank. The roof is new, when we lived there it was a flat trailer roof with tires on it to hold the tin down. The large window over on the right in the basement was something recovered from an old barn and recycled before recycling was cool.
I remember a lot of good times from that place as we lived there twice with a couple of years gap when we moved away and then back. Christmas Eves over at my grandparents house on the other side of that driveway. Eating so much pumpkin pie I threw up later that night.

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