Solar Panel Angle

I used Macslab to calculate the angle for my panels.

42.9 Latitude for Canajoharie, NY.

If your latitude is between 25° and 50°, use the latitude, times 0.76, plus 3.1 degrees.

So my angle should be 35.70 for fixed panels. if I adjust my panels twice a year I can get a better charge using the formula below.

If your latitude is between 25° and 50°, then the best tilt angle for summer is the latitude, times 0.93, minus 21 degrees. The best tilt angle for winter is the latitude, times 0.875, plus 19.2 degrees.

Summer 18.897

Winter 56.7375


Right now I have them hanging on the side of the shed at a ninety degree angle.

My idea is to use a pole that I have, a satellite dish mount and some scrap metal for the frame. Unfortunately this will have to wait for spring to really get setup and going. This also gives me the advantage of being able to move this to follow the sun from East to West.

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