Talking to Mom

I heard a story today from Mom. She told of going to the Pharmacy in 1970 and being told she couldn’t get a prescription. Chris and I had the mumps, Margaret was ten months old, and Dad was taking treatments for Hodgkin s disease.

Grandpa Smith had driven Mom over to the pharmacy and when she came out crying he said come on lets go back in and get that. Mom doesn’t recall why she had to wait but with Grandpa Smith at her side she was given the prescription and headed home in a better frame of mind.

She has told me a couple of stories of Grandpa Smith helping her out during those years. Always he stepped in when needed and lent a hand. Trips down to see Dad when he spent thirteen months in different hospitals after a motorcycle accident. Great Grandma and Grandpa Smith also gave Mom rides down to Albany to visit Dad but Great Grandpa had to stop and take a nap about half way down and then again the same thing on the return trip. Family helped a lot getting through those times.

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