Applesauce 2014

Raymond Hilmeyer brought down a few bags of apples from the neighbors orchard. I think this is the best apple sauce I have ever made. No sugar added just apples cooked on the stove until they are soft. Then run through the Kitchenaid with the attachments for making sauce.


2014-10-26 10.14.32 2014-10-26 09.56.45 2014-10-26 09.56.44 2014-10-26 09.56.42Wash the apples, slice them up into chunks that will fit in the mixer.

Put all the apples in a pan on the stove add a little water (less than 1/2 a cup) and heat them for about twenty minutes or until they are starting to get mushy.

Run the apples through the mixer or a Foley food mill.

Add cinnamon or red hots whatever you like, I just eat it plain.

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