We have three wireless phones in the house I placed one in the kitchen and one in the living room the other one floats around to wherever it is needed. Lately all three keep ending up in the living room, I move them and they come back.

I asked Mom about these and she told me about Uncle Bob and my Grandmother Estes. It seems Grandma would rush from wherever she was to the kitchen phone to get her calls. Her kids didn’t want her running around the house for fear she would fall and be hurt. Uncle Bob thinks about this and decides to have the phone company put in a phone in the bedroom and another in the living room. He schedules the appointment and the phone guy comes out. Grandma sends him away as she doesn’t need more than one phone and it is always in the kitchen.

Uncle Bob talks to her and reschedules for the phone guy to come out and try a second time to get this done.Finally the phones get installed and Uncle Bob is happy he got this work done, he comes over to see his mother and sets in the living room talking to her. The phone rings and she springs to her feet running to the kitchen to get the phone, all the while the new phone is right there beside her in the living room. I’m not sure she ever used any phone other than the one in the kitchen. He tried.

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