I had a good day today

I got a call last night for a fan going bad in a site two hours from my house, replacement could wait until Saturday morning as it was one of three.

Carmelita hold me tighter
I think I’m sinking down
And I’m all strung out on heroin
On the outskirts of town

Saturday morning I set out after breakfast and headed down to the office to get a spare. After some digging around in piles of junk I came up with what I needed and headed out to the site.

Over and over
Everybody met my prediction
So if I get stoned I’m just carryin’
On an old family tradition

After an annoying drive up the Northway and through Lake George through traffic consisting of vacationers with with big slow RV’s each plastered with signs saying vacation here we come and other stupid things. I finally arrive go in and replace the fan and everything works.

On the way home I came back on 29 and 67 with music playing off my smart phone. For the first time ever it is actually smart. People like Warren Zevon, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Hank Williams Jr, and Rory Block made the ride enjoyable. A smattering of Buddy Guy and BB King didn’t hurt either.

Then tonight the neighbor has a very nice fireworks show and I go out in the yard to watch it in my bare feet. Not to shabby.

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