The handicap van and blue lines on the pavement

Recent events have brought to light the decline of civilized society and entitlement of the entitled people. I speak of those parking in handicap spots without a permit and those parking along side a handicap van that is in a marked spot with the parking space next to it marked in blue paint to ensure there is room to load and unload the van occupants.

handicap parking

Usually those lines n the pavement are painted blue and accompanied by signs on posts to make clear for the more dense. You could contact the local police however by the time they arrive the offender will usually be long gone and it will have further inconvenienced the people trying to use these spots by having them wait around for longer periods of time then what would happen if they just left a note on the offending vehicle and left.


For these special people that insist on parking in these spots remedies have been suggested such as leaving a note, placing a sticker on the vehicle or just shooting the vehicle with a paint ball gun.


Maybe that sticker is to much, also keying the offenders car or shooting with a paintball gun have been determined to be to much as well. This is something that has irritated me for years as my father had one bad leg that limited his mobility. Its possible this made me more aware of the situation and the problems it can cause.

I prefer the turtle coloring page but you can’t always have one available when you need it.

turtles rule

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