The excitement never ends

The kitchen has been remodeled and one of the reasons the kitchen needed to be remodeled was a water leak, causing a soft spot in the floor. Because of this leak and since I am a bit of a geek on home automation, I have set up systems to monitor for any new leaks.

The heart of the system is my Hubitat Elevation hub and multiple sensors located around things that can leak. Since I have been using this for a couple years I have an older hub, I think they are on version C7 now mine is a C5 I believe.

Hubitat HubZL-LD-100_rope

I have one leak sensor on the sink, one on the dishwasher, and a third on the washing machine just off the kitchen. Another set of sensors in the crawl space by the water pump and the water heater. The plan is to add a switch to shut off the main water line and another for shutting off the water pump.Zlink

Two sensors hanging under the kitchen sink, one goes over to the dishwasher and the other monitors the drain.

The hub and the sensors are in now I need to look at the valve. I am thinking the Leak Gopher may be the way to go. So once a sensor triggers Hubitat can send a message to the valve and shut off the water line.

The last piece is a shutoff for the well pump. Aeon Labs makes an Aeotec heavy duty smart switch that can handle 40 amps or I could use a contactor and a ZWave+ plug to turn it on and off.

I am using a rather expensive Red Coral Technology box using a contactor with a WeMo switch for WiFi control to manage the hot water heater. This is about twice the cost of others that are on the market now and doesn’t seem to be available any longer. It has worked flawlessly for over two years and hasn’t caused me any problems. I think it saved the cost of purchase in about ten months. I think I picked that one because it was rated for 50 amps at 240 volts, where the Aeotec is only 40 amps. I have thought about changing out the WeMo switch with a ZWave+ switch just to standardize things a bit more, but the default setup here has worked very well.

Red Coral