Republic Wireless on vacation

Kirsten and I just spent a couple weeks on vacation in Hawaii and San Francisco. During this time we used our Moto X and Moto E phones from Republic. I upgraded my calling plan to include 3G data while we were away as usually I have no data and just use WiFi. The cost for the plan with 3G data is $25 or about $31 with taxes added on.

Things actually went pretty well other than the constant reminders about us using 50% to 90% of our 3G roaming data while in Hawaii. We stayed on Norwegian Cruise Lines Pride of America. Below decks on the ship we had little or no service not wanting to pay the cruise lines seventy five cents a minute for WiFi.

The notices for being over are a little odd, see this one below that came the day after a notice saying the same number had used all of it’s roaming data.

Hi Jonathan,

Just letting you know that you’ve used 50% of your roaming data for this bill cycle. We want you to be aware so you can hop on a WiFi network whenever you can.

Phone Number: 518xxxxxxx
50% of Roaming Data Used
Bill Cycle Renews On: Apr 21, 2015
What does this mean?
Each monthly bill cycle, you get 25MB of roaming data to use. Once you’ve used all of your roaming data for that bill cycle, you won’t be able to use any roaming data until your bill cycle renews.

You can keep track of all your data usage, including which apps are using the most data, by going to the Republic App. Don’t forget, you can still use as much WiFi as you want!

Visit our Data Usage Policy to learn more about cell data usage and tips on how to reduce your cellular footprint. You can also review section 19 (b) of our Terms of Service. Please note that DEFY XT users are exempt from this policy.

If you have any questions, please visit Republic Help, where you can submit a Help request.


Republic Wireless

Whenever we were in a port we did have good cellular service and jumped on open WiFi hot spots when we could get them. Kirsten got a lot of good pictures with the Moto X see the picture of Waimea Canyon below.


Waimea Canyon
Waimea Canyon

I downgraded my phone plan once we got back to the talk text and WiFi data for $10 a month or about $14 with taxes added on. Below is the message about the down grade from Republic Wireless and I completed both the upgrade and the down grade from the phone APP.
“Hi Jonathan,

Great news! We’ve completed changing the service plan for phone number (518) xxx-xxx from Wi-Fi + Cell + 3G Service Plan to Wi-Fi + Cell Talk + Text Service Plan.

Please turn your phone off, and then back on again to activate your new plan.

If any of the above is incorrect or you didn’t request to change your plan, please let us know by contacting Republic Help.


Republic Wireless

P.S. Let us know how we’re doing by dropping us a tweet at
A quick reboot of the phone and I was back where I started. Battery life on both phones is about twenty four hours before needing a recharge and this is one thing I wish I could improve. During the trip I carried a couple of external batteries to connect the phones to and we used these a fair amount especially during plane flights.

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