Best Vacation Ever

As a kid there were five kids in our family and Mom and Dad, we went on vacation once. Mom said we were going to Florida and Dad said Louisville, Kentucky. We ended up in Gettysburg Pennsylvania.

We spent a couple of days at the battlefield and visited all sorts of neat historical locations. We learned about Little Roundtop and Devils Den as well as Pickett’s Charge. We listened to readings of President Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address and visited a panoramic painting of the battle

We visited the Hershey plant and stayed in a town with a huge Musselman smoke stack and a five and dime that we visited several times.

We watched Buck Rogers on TV, the old black and white version and ate in the hotel room. The hotel room had a small kitchen and two rooms one for mom and Dad and the other for the four kids that came on this trip. My older sister Sandy was in College and she claims this was the best trip she ever missed.

On the way home we stopped someplace in the Catskill’s and rode the zoom flume.

Worst vacation ever.

These posts are a tribute to vacation stories written by my nephews.

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