Anybody up for a trip to Alaska?


Seventy two hours of driving using eight hour days and that’s nine days to get to Fairbanks and another nine days to get back. Roughly four thousand miles and over four hundred and fifty miles a day. Denali NP would probably be the real destination. Thats a heck of a trip.

If I could get the wife to drive maybe we could do twelve hour days and make it seven days covering about six hundred miles a day. Three hours on and three hours off for each driver. This is starting to sound like a real marathon. We’d need to be real comfortable in whatever we drive.

Here is a link to some people that actually did the trip showing their Alaska route.

Anybody else out there crazy enough to try this trip? What sort of an RV would you use large or small and keeping in mind some of the roads are not paved. Can’t take animals across the Canadian border without making special arrangements and you might not get permission for that at all. This sounds like a three week trip with two weeks dedicated to travel and little else.

I see one couple did this in a nineteen foot RoadTrek and two couples in a Minnie Winnie.

Maybe I should shoot for Key West first?

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